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    Contemporary Woman of Blues Suzy Starlite Suzy Starlite is a professional bass guitar player, songwriter, recording artist, and member of The Starlite Campbell Band with Simon Campbell (singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist), Together they formed Supertone Records and by February of 2017 had released their first album ‘Blueberry Pie’. ‘Blueberry Pie’, was nominated as Best […]

  • Sunday Wilde

    Contemporary Woman of Blues Sunday Wilde’s voice is strong and bluesy and has been compared to the voices of Amy Winehouse and Eartha Kitt. When I first heard Sunday sing, I knew I was hearing something unique and really special. There was something nostalgic and familiar in her vocals, but I couldn’t put my finger […]

  • Amelia Rose Walsh

    Blue Spectrum Band Contemporary Woman of Blues Amelia Rose Walsh is a twenty-three-year-old professional keyboardist, composer, and vocalist who resides in Grandview Heights, Ohio.  She grew up in a home filled with music such as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, and unique blues artists such as Buckwheat Zydeco. At an early age, Amelia showed […]

  • Jackie Venson

    In a world shrouded in clouds of uncertainty, Jackie Venson is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Jackie started playing guitar only nine years ago. Her mastery of the instrument and smooth vocals combine to create a sound that is all her own. Venson’s love of music began at an early age. She credits her […]

  • Larkin Poe

    Larkin Poe is the name of a band headed by sisters, Rebecca Lovell and Megan Lovell, from Atlanta, GA. They have been playing a potpourri of music since 2005. They were raised in a family that was passionate about music with their father an avid classic rock fan and their mother being a fan of […]

  • Debbie Davies

    Debbie Davies is one of the most interesting and talented of all the women of contemporary blues. She is one of the first women from the ’60s, to pick up an electric guitar and learn to jam with the best. Although blues legends like Memphis Minnie and Rosetta Tharpe, had paved the way for female […]

  • Sue Foley

    I discovered Sue Foley’s music while I was researching the late great Deborah Coleman. Sue Foley, Roxanne Potvin, and Deborah Coleman formed the Thrillseekers and recorded an album together in 1995 called, “Takin’ a Stand.” In 2007 they recorded another album together called “Timebomb” the title song of the album. This song is an instrumental […]

  • Ruthie Foster News: Ruthie Foster (@_RuthieFoster_)

    Just received the following notification: Check out Ruthie Foster on Twitter. Ruthie’s “Big Band- Live at The Paramount” album will be out on 5/15! 1st song Phenomenal Woman is out now. Pre-order/Pre-save:

  • Ruthie Foster

    Ruthie Foster is another blues legend from Austin. In Austin’s ‘Notes in Time’, she fondly discusses her ties to Austin. Once she moved there she noticed the warmth, friendliness, and kindness of the music community that thrives there. Friends invite friends to play music together and provide encouragement and support for each other. Charity fundraising […]

  • Carolyn Wonderland

    It’s easy to put the women that I write about, on such a high pedestal, that they seem super human. I know I am describing most successful musicians when I say that no one works harder and perseveres more. They work months on end, touring the world, away from their families. Often their schedules are […]