Sunday Wilde

Contemporary Woman of Blues

Sunday Wilde’s voice is strong and bluesy and has been compared to the voices of Amy Winehouse and Eartha Kitt. When I first heard Sunday sing, I knew I was hearing something unique and really special. There was something nostalgic and familiar in her vocals, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I played a video of her singing “Show Me a Man” for my sister and asked if she could discern it. Simultaneously, we both came up with Eartha Kitt. Later I added Amy Winehouse and Peggy Lee to the mix. Later I saw the same comparisons made and knew I had nailed it. Regardless of these similarities, Sunday’s voice is uniquely hers and brings back a sound from decades ago, yet so relevant to what is popular today. Sunday is also a songwriter, pianist, and recording artist.

Sunday Wilde has been recording since 2007 and has released at least six albums:

1-Black Pearls of Wisdom 2007

2-Broken String of Pearls 2009

3-What Man?! Oh, That Man 2011

4-He Gave Me a Blue Nightgown 2012

5-He Digs Me 2014

6-Blueberries and Grits 2016

7-Two 20178

8-Sunday Wilde and the 1 Eyed Jacks 2019

Having started her career later in life gives Sunday an advantage when it comes to writing as the depth and authenticity of her original songs seem to be drawn from real life’s experience. At the time her album “Blueberries” was released in 2016 she had only been playing piano for eight years. This came as a surprise because she plays the piano like it is an extension of herself. Some of her songs conjure up images of smokey piano bars from the ’40s while others are reminiscent of the sixties. She agrees that her music crosses and blends several genres, but the blues world has claimed her as their own. Her list of awards and nominations are a testament to this:

  • The newest album released 2019 Sunday Wilde and the 1 Eyed Jacks-Nominee for Blues Album for the Independent Music Awards
  • Semi-finalist for “Show Me Mercy” for the international songwriting competition
  • Thunder Bay Blues Society Best Self Produced Blues Album for the International Blues Competition
  • Winner of the Voter’s Choice Award for Best Blues Song 2011 and 2014
  • Best International Blues Release of the year at the Jimi Awards for 2011 and 2013

A more comprehensive list can be found on

The first song I heard by Sunday was “Show Me a Man”, one of her originals which was performed at an impromptu concert at Kensington Park. I was delightfully surprised to hear her unique voice framed by honky-tonk piano and whimsical lyrics. I knew I liked her music right away and played the video for anyone who would listen.

Another original by Sunday Wilde

“Sunday’s Midnight Blues” is a surreal mesmerizing song about that dark place we all can become victim to. It can be found on the “He Digs Me” album. This song reminds me of the 1940s song by Peggy Lee, “Why Don’t You Do Right”.

Although most of Sunday’s songs are original, she does a couple of covers that can’t go without mention. One is a blues standard by Elmore James “It Hurts Me Too” and a Willie Dixon song “Evil”. Both are must hear and two of my favorite. Sunday Wilde has truly mastered her gift. Her exuberance and joy of performing radiate a warm depth of understanding of oftentimes harsh realities that we are all subject to and can and do survive.

I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning about Sunday Wilde and her band The 1 Eyed Jacks. Some of her music can be heard on Spotify and on SIRIUS BB King’s Bluesville where she earned a #1 Hit.

A promo for the 2020 Superior Theatre Film Festival, features a new Sunday Wilde song, soon to be released in the fall.

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