Amelia Rose Walsh

Blue Spectrum Band

Contemporary Woman of Blues

Amelia Rose Walsh is a twenty-three-year-old professional keyboardist, composer, and vocalist who resides in Grandview Heights, Ohio.  She grew up in a home filled with music such as Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, and unique blues artists such as Buckwheat Zydeco.

At an early age, Amelia showed an interest in the keyboards that her family had around the house. By the time she was six, she was signed up for piano lessons and soon showed and aptitude for quickly absorbing and applying what she learned. Piano lessons continued for another eight years.

By seventh grade, Amelia was composing and performing her own music and was invited to join the Grandview Heights High School Jazz Ensemble. When she was old enough her mother started taking her to open mic nights and blues jam sessions around Columbus, OH. At open jam sessions at what used to be Sun Studios on Alum Creek Drive in Columbus, Amelia learned to play with other musicians. It was here that Amelia was invited to join Blue Spectrum a blues and r&b band lead by lead guitar player Zayne Harshaw. Other members of the band include “Uncle Al” Jefferson as bassist and singer, saxophonist Clifford Marsh aka “Saxual Chocolate”.

Amelia and equally phenomenal lead guitarist of Blue Spectrum, Zayne Harshaw, perfectly complement each other. Their musical chemistry is serendipitous and captivating.

Amelia’s interpretation of Little Wing, by Jimi Hendrix, was a pleasant surprise and blew me away. In this recording, she is performing with Blue Spectrum. Harshaw comes in later.

The second song is a cover, performed by Blue Spectrum, of a Grover Washington song, Mr. Magic.

“Where I Ought to Be” is an original written and composed by Amelia Rose.

One of Amelia’s favorite places to perform is the Dolphin Lounge at 345 Agler Rd in Gahanna, OH. Every Monday night they have what has become known as the longest blues jam in history. This was originated by blues guitarist and native to Gahanna Rick Boales about thirty-seven years ago. Amelia encourages anyone who is there that recognizes her to come up and introduce yourself.

Blue Spectrum has performed nationwide, but most recently at the Last Call Music Bar and Grill in Dublin, OH. A list of local venues where they have performed is extensive and includes Miami University, Larry B’s in Westerville, OH, Papa Boo’s on Buckeye Lake, and Creekside Blues Festival in Gahanna, OH.

The following is Amelia’s mesmerizing interpretation of “I Put a Spell on You”.

The contact name and number for booking Blue Spectrum is Gene Harshaw (614)-323-4053

Contact Amelia Rose or at (614)-804-3485 and (614)-316-4708

Amelia is truly an amazing woman of contemporary blues. She credits much of her success to her mother Cynthia Grove Walsh.

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