Jackie Venson

In a world shrouded in clouds of uncertainty, Jackie Venson is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Jackie started playing guitar only nine years ago. Her mastery of the instrument and smooth vocals combine to create a sound that is all her own.

Venson’s love of music began at an early age. She credits her father, a professional musician, as one of her main influences in music. She struggled with piano lessons as a child, but later fell in love with the guitar, when she saw a performance at her alma mater Burklee School of Music. Although she was disappointed in what the school had to offer she graduated in 2011 with a degree in music.

Jackie Venson mentions Buddy Guy, Sade, and Alicia Keys as her main influences, but in this live recording of ” Always Free,” she channels Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn with seamless ease.

It is no surprise that Jackie Venson was born and raised in Austin Texas. Like many other talented musicians from Austin, Jackie was able to cultivate her skills in an environment and culture rich in musical talent, which the town is known for.

The acoustic version of “Always Free”, really exemplifies her skills as a vocalist as well as a musician,

Jackie Venson has released three studio albums, “The Light in Me”, in 2014, “Jackie Venson Live”, in 2016, and ” Live at Strange Brew”, in 2016 and a host of other extended plays and singles. Some of her best work can be heard on YouTube daily as she performs live, from home, as many have been doing since the pandemic started earlier this year.

Jackie’s music has been described as a blend of blues, rock, and pop, but images of George Benson popped into my head when I first heard her play. I would describe her music as more blues, rock, and jazz. Her smooth voice lends itself, without a doubt, to jazz. interpretation.

“Lost in Time”, and ” Don’t Lie to Me”, with their reggae, beat, would please Bob Marley.

Jackie Venson is a strong contender in the world of contemporary women of blues. Jackie’s style is honest, smooth, and unique. Her talent has already attracted a huge following and has been embraced worldwide. You can hear a daily live performance from Jackie on YouTube and experience her lighthearted humor and personality.

By Deborah Miller

I am an avid blues enthusiast and enjoy writing about what I love. My mission is to feature female blues artists and help bring their work to the forefront, in what is typically a male-dominated genre. I hope that my readers learn along with me as research for each artist. I want my readers to know and experience the satisfaction one gets when discovering new music and hope that some are inspired to pick up an instrument. I welcome readers to share their talents so that they too can be featured. I also hope to help further promote the careers of the talented female blues performers that I write about by sharing interesting details about their lives, careers, and the music they create. Deborah Miller

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