Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe is the name of a band headed by sisters, Rebecca Lovell and Megan Lovell, from Atlanta, GA. They have been playing a potpourri of music since 2005. They were raised in a family that was passionate about music with their father an avid classic rock fan and their mother being a fan of classical music. At the early ages of three and four, Rebecca and Megan were enrolled in classical violin lessons. By the time they heard bluegrass they had already acquired fundamental knowledge of music. They were impressed with bluegrass and they decided to embrace the indigenous music of their home. Rebecca, Megan, and older sister Jessica formed a bluegrass band called The Lovell Sisters. As The Lovell Sisters, they toured for four years and made an appearance on Garrison Keeler’s radio show on NPR The Prairie Home Companion, and most notably they performed on the famous stage of The Grand Ole Opry.

Although they were performing primarily as a bluegrass band The Lovell Sister would often bust out with a Hendrix or even Led Zeppelin song.

The girls disbanded in 2009 when they formed their current band, Larkin Poe. Rebecca is a talented guitarist and not bad on the mandolin. Megan is the lap steel savant of the band and maintains a driven force that exemplifies the sound of Larken Poe.

Their albums thus far are Kin 2014, Reskinned 2016, Peach 2017, Venom and Faith 2018, and soon to come Self Made Man which is due out 6/2020. Larkin Poe was voted Best Discovery if Glastenbury 2014 by the UK’s Observer. Their album Venom and Faith was number one on the Billboard blues album chart and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

The girls toured extensively with Elvis Costello, who definitely had them under his wing and no doubt helped launch their career. Costello even turned down a spot on The Conan O’Brien Show and suggested he book Larkin Poe. Although they give credit where credit is due, Rebecca and Megan, in an interview with Damien Burford, state that they are proud of their hard work and perseverance. At the young ages of 25 and 26, they are still inspired by other musicians.

Rebecca and Megan established a YouTube presence and accumulated a large following. Being contemporary women they prefer not to be labeled or feel restricted to one genre. Megan’s mesmerizing muse guided lap steel playing and the girl’s bluesy voices make it difficult to not categorize them as quintessential blues artists. Their music is rife with Allman Brother, Jimmy Page, Hendrix, and Credence influences as well as Rebecca’s favorite Jeff Buckley. They have recently familiarized themselves with the earlier greats. Both agree that they learn something new every day and credit a lot of their experience and knowledge to Elvis Costello, whose wisdom and experience he kindly shared on tour.

Larkin Poe has established a strong presence in the blues circuit and will most likely be considered legendary performers for decades to come. I am still trying to remove the heavy proverbial rock that I have been living under, as I have just recently discovered the music of Larkin Poe and now I can’t get enough.

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