Sue Foley

I discovered Sue Foley’s music while I was researching the late great Deborah Coleman. Sue Foley, Roxanne Potvin, and Deborah Coleman formed the Thrillseekers and recorded an album together in 1995 called, “Takin’ a Stand.” In 2007 they recorded another album together called “Timebomb” the title song of the album. This song is an instrumental and features the work of each artist individually and a rich mixture of their combined talent. Within the story of each artist there resides the story of another. One leads to the next, but all roads seem to lead to Austin.

Sue Foley grew up in Ottawa Ontario. She learned to play guitar at the age of thirteen and by the age of 16 had already formed the Sue Foley Band and was touring Canada. By the time she was twenty one she had made her way to Austin, where she recorded for Antone’s blues label and nightclub. Her first release was “Young Girl Blues”, in 1997. She recorded numerous times as featured guest and holds claim to more than 10 solo albums.

Sue Foley’s most recent accomplishment is her album “Ice Queen”, a title which she attributes to her roots in Canada. Featured guests on the album include Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Jimmie Vaughan of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Charlie Sexton.

Sue Foley plays like she’s on fire on “Ice Queen.” With powerful finesse she starts the song out Fabulous Thunderbirds style and then cleverly incorporates melodic patterns reminiscent of Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

” They call me the Ice Queen, ’cause I’m cool and detached,” Foley explains in her song. Not only is she a skilled performer, but also competes with the best when it comes to song writing.

Sue Foley has won and been nominated for a myriad of awards. For “Ice Queen”alone, she has to her credit, a Juno Award nomination for Blues Album of the year 2019, Maple Blues Award winner for Guitarist of the Year, Blues Music Award nominee for Song of the Year, and the 2019 Koko Taylor Award for Traditional Blues Female.

Sue Foley is, no doubt, an asset to the world of blues. She has earned her place among the queens of blues in Austin. Although proud of her Canadian roots Foley has a sound that, in the best of all ways, screams Texas!

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