Beth Hart

   At an early age Beth Hart exhibited the focus and commitment required to be a serious performer. She attended the LA School for Performing Arts, where your acceptance is determined by an audition. She completed 13 sessions of the TV show Star Search and won the final round. By 21 she had already recorded her first album, Beth Hart and the Ocean of Souls. Her first hit song was in 1999, LA Song from only her second album titled Screaming for My Supper.

A notable time in her life was when she performed at the Kennedy Center in 2012. As a tribute to Buddy Guy she and Jeff Beck performed the blues classic I’d Rather Go Blind, to a standing ovation by President Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama.

Again Beth Hart paired up with Jeff Beck at the 2013 Crossroads Festival performing the song by Howlin’ Wolf I Ain’t Superstitious. She also collaborated, as the featured artist on the album Slash, with Slash from Guns and Roses. The albums Seesaw 2013, Live in Amsterdam 2014, and Black Coffee were recorded with Joe Bonamassa. The album Seesaw was nominated for a Grammy. In 2018 Beth Hart was awarded the Blues Music Award for “Instrumentalist vocals.” Hart is best known for her deep, powerful, and occasionally vibrato vocals, but she is also skilled at guitar, keyboard, cello, and drums. Although she covers many songs, she is a prolific songwriter and writes most of the songs she currently performs.

Beth Hart has an extensive following in Europe where her tour begins this month in the UK. Hart’s tour dates start this month and extend until the end of July. She will be performing songs from her latest album titled War in My Mind, which was released 9/27/19.

Beth Hart’s and Joe Bonamassa’s live performance of I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know is a crowd pleaser.

Hart’s career has been a rollercoaster ride of extreme ups and downs, riddled with drug addiction, which she openly discusses. Her problems were compounded when diagnosed as bipolar,which under a doctor’s care, she has in check. She must be doing something right. If you get a chance watch her performance at the Baloise Session 2018 and you can see a healthier and happier looking performer. She is absolutely stunning. When she speaks she sounds optimistic about the future.

Beth Hart’s sweetness shines through as she lets us see a bit of her vulnerability, when she does the intro to her song Leave the Light On. The song echoes images of a troubled upbringing, strained relationships, and struggles with addiction.

. Beth Hart has firmly established herself as a lasting icon of contemporary blues. She has persevered and weathered some fierce storms and come out even stronger, performing at a level that most can only aspire to.

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