Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish is probably one of the most successful female blues musicians in the world. If you haven’t heard of her you are just new to the genre or you haven’t been paying attention. If you don’t believe that she is one of the most successful female blues musicians in the world, then you would have to agree that she is one of the most hard working. She has already begun touring for the year of 2020 and has approximately 60 concert dates scheduled, between now and the end of summer. Her first album was recorded in 2009 and she has since recorded nine more, the most recent being Kill or Be Kind, in 2019. She has accomplished more by the age of 30 than most people have in a lifetime. She has received numerous awards including Best Independent Female Blues Artist in 2016 and 2017, by The Independent Blues Awards, Artist of the Year 2016, by The Independent Blues Awards, and numerous others. A full list of her albums, awards and tour dates can be found at samantha

When Samantha Fish performs she owns the stage and plays guitar as if she were born to do just that. She has a sassy retro glamorous look that is uniquely her own and seems to suit the music that she plays. Her performances are usually sold out and once you’ve heard and seen her perform you will understand.

Samantha Fish’s rendition of I Put a Spell on You, made my husband’s jaw drop. I love it when that happens. Her sultry voice projects a deep emotional wisdom with guitar licks to match.

The guitar that she’s playing in the above video is the Samantha Fish Signature Guitar. It was custom made especially for her by Delaney Guitars of Austin Texas. Notice the carved out fish in the body. A guitar just like hers can be purchased from Delaney Guitars for a little more than $2,300. For slide guitar Samantha prefers her Fender Telecaster. She is also fond of her four string cigar box guitar and actually organized and performed at the first annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival this year in New Orleans.

No Angels, is another song where she really delivers. Her unique voice and slide guitar skills are really showcased here:

In this next song Samantha fish shows us why the cigar box guitar has made such a comeback.

The cigar box guitar dates back to the civil war and was probably invented out of a desperate need for music. It has made quite a comeback in the last few years, and many artisans are creating unusual and elaborate versions.

On Samantha Fish’s Facebook page, you can purchase numerous items, such as tshirts, a signed or unsigned metallic marble lp of her latest album, Kill or Be Kind. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention, you can purchase a signed Fender Ventura 60’s Jaguar guitar for $1681.

Samantha Fish is insanely talented, and I hope you take the time and enjoy more of her music.

For those of you who are interested in learning to play guitar, I noticed that there is a list of Samantha Fish songs on Gtabs.You can start learning at any age. It just takes time, dedication, and patience. I truly want those of you who have an interest really give it a try. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that offer very good instruction and most of these are free. I hope in the future that I can feature some of your work.

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