Jenn Grinels

Jenn Grinels is a northern California singer, song writer and musician. Her style encompasses several genres. Her blues influence renditions are, of course, my favorites. She belts these tunes out with emotion that seems to come from an inner strength that delightfully crescendoes through her powerful voice.

If you are not sitting down, perhaps you should, because everyone I have played this video for has been blown away.

Another song which she delivers with the same intensity is Misery:

Jenn Grinels performs at numerous arts centers, college campuses, and seems to really be in her element when she performs at smaller venues where she casually interacts with her audience.

Grinels has a couple of concert dates coming up. One in Portland OR, on 2/21 and one in Newark OH, on 5/09.

For those guitar enthusiasts out there, the chords to some of Jenn Grinels songs can be found on the Ultimate Guitar AP. This app provides you with a myriad of songs with guitar chords and also has a feature that helps you create your own video. So, those of you who can belt one out and play guitar might want to check it out and share what you come up with. I look forward to Future responses.

I found Jenn Grinels by accident and am so glad I did.

By Deborah Miller

I am an avid blues enthusiast and enjoy writing about what I love. My mission is to feature female blues artists and help bring their work to the forefront, in what is typically a male-dominated genre. I hope that my readers learn along with me as research for each artist. I want my readers to know and experience the satisfaction one gets when discovering new music and hope that some are inspired to pick up an instrument. I welcome readers to share their talents so that they too can be featured. I also hope to help further promote the careers of the talented female blues performers that I write about by sharing interesting details about their lives, careers, and the music they create. Deborah Miller

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